Learn, Hack, Have Fun!

Learn, Hack, Have Fun!

The idea behind this website is really simple: learn how to code by actually creating stuff. Dive deep into the code, get your hands dirty, experiment, try and fail until it works!

Programming is amazing and fun experience, that's why I encourage all of you to make stuff.

What is it about?

This is a blog where I want to show you how to create applications from scratch. I want to build a couple of different applications. Projects will progress from simple and easy to more complicated. Each project will contain different features. Together we will create iPhone and iPad apps, but that's not all! I also want to tinker with Apple Watch, Apple TV and Server Side Swift! It's a great time to be a programmer!

Why am I doing this?

I want to share what I have learned so far and I want to learn more. When you try to share what you know on certain topics sooner or later you will find out a lot of gaps in your knowledge. I have realized that when I try to share I need to learn more and that's amazing! Learning is a journey and should never stop.

Who is it for?

I assume that you have some programming skills and you have tried Swift before and know the basics. I also assume that you are open minded and want to learn more 😀