Initializing a project in Xcode is a very simple task, but it's only a half way through. In our first project we would like to achieve a couple of goals. We need to setup dependencies, change test schema, setup basic directory structure, spice our warnings a little bit, and don't forget about repository! This first project will be a base project, for all our future projects.

🍪   Grab a cookie and let's get started!

Let's begin!

Create a repository and initialize a project in Xcode.


It's time to manage all of our libraries.

Directory structure for the new Xcode project

Let's reorganize some directories.

Improve code quality

Spice up warnings and SwiftLint FTW.

Clean up AppDelegate

Remove storyboards and add fake AppDelegate for testing.

First test

Add first test and learn how to check code coverage in Xcode.

How to setup Fabric

Add Fabric for easy app release.